Who do you want to be?

In the “maybe things haven’t changed as much as we thought” department, we offer this opinion piece from the June 16, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Whose Boy Is He?

He swaggers around and takes up all the room, is impudent when spoken to, fingers the goods the grocer has on display, is often vulgar, is disrespectful to women and girls; he delights in frightening small children, pays hookey, is always in a dog fight; he crowds into the post office at every mail time and frequently gets into a tussle or a scrape and has to be called down; he can chew tobacco and spit like a man and smoke like a dude; he can rip out an oath a yard long and use obscene language with dazzling brilliancy.  He thinks he is smart, and he is certainly very noisy.  Is he the boy the banker, the merchant and the railroad official is watching in anticipation of giving him a good position when he gets older?  Oh no!  He is the boy who will be a loafer, and whose name will be on the police docket and in the penitentiary register some day.  Do you want to be this kind of a boy?

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