Where to sell cream, 1909

Where to sell your cream may not be such a pressing decision for most of us these days, but it clearly led to some competition in Skidmore, Missouri in 1909:

Competing ads for companies buying cream in Skidmore, Missouri. Text of ads follows.
Competing advertisements from the Skidmore New Era, March 4, 1909, page 6.

First ad: “Cream! Cream! It is our aim to buy a share of your cream this summer, by fair, square dealings. The same fair treatment to each and everyone, and market prices for your product. Remember the place, west side Dawson’s feed store. Kirschbraum & Sons, Fred Shell, Operator.”

Second ad: “Experience is a Dear Lesson. Bring your cream to the man that knows his business and you are sure to get all there is in it. Yours for the highest price and honest test, Skidmore Cream Station, C. E. Pope, Operator.”

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