Wheat Harvest, 1913

From the July 5, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Wheat Harvest Now in Full Blast

The farmers are now busy harvesting one of the best, if not the very best wheat crops ever grown in this part of the state.  The yield this year is much better than last on the average, of course the straw is considerably heavier, but the heads are generally long and well filled.

J. M. Wilson of Graham, has 200 acres in Hughes township that should, from all appearances, thresh out better than forty bushels to the acre on the whole field.  His wheat made that last year by machine measure and it looks better this year than last.  Other fields in that township will do as well and some smaller fields will even go fifty bushels to the acre.

The wheat around Skidmore is considerably better than last year.  The shocks are so thick that one can stand and lay his hand on one shock and easily reach over and touch the next one.  Many places in the fields the binder cannot take care of the grain as fast as it falls upon the canvas and the driver is compelled to only take part of a swath.

Will Haynes has attached a gasoline engine to his binder and has disconnected the binding part of the machinery from the master wheel, so that the horses only have to pull the machine while the engine runs the machinery.  His horses then walks too fast in heavy wheat for the engine to keep up the binding and he has to slow up for it.  The boys tell it on Will that he drives out in the shade of a tree and waits for the engine to catch up.

This is a great wheat year and up to present date, corn is just as promising as the wheat.

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