Wellers Move to Maitland, 1920

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), September 30, 1920, page 1:

Give Farewell Dinner.
The friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Weller decided to give them a farewell dinner Sunday as they are planning to move to their new home in Maitland October first. So after Sunday School they went to the Weller home and gave them a surprise. Mrs. Weller was detained at the church until everyone was there and the surprise was complete.

They all took well filled baskets and had a real picnic dinner in the yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Weller have lived on this farm for forty-five years, and will be greatly missed by the neighbors. Mrs. Weller was a charter member of the W. M. S. and was its president for ten years and has been the treasurer since that time. She has served in the Sunday School as superintendent, assistant superintendent, teacher and choirester, has been a staunch member of the church, always ready to help in any way; so Harmony will miss her greatly.

After dinner a good social time was had and all left for their homes wishing Mr. and Mrs. Weller happiness in their new home.

Those present were: John Anderson and mother, Mrs. N. Anderson; Charlie Anderson and family; Arthur Anderson and wife; Will Zeller and family; Floyd Weller and wife; Arch Brown and family; Arthur Brown and family; John Gallagher and family; James Gallagher and family; D. Crockett and family; Mrs. Ross Appleman and daughter, Leona; Sed Bond, son, Edgar, and sister, Miss May; Albert Reinold and family; Frank Appleman and family; Walter Rozell and family; Mrs. Minnie Coston and family; J. F. Owens, wife and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Kenady and daughter; Mrs. Ben Albright of Roosevelt, Okla.; Rev. Klein and wife of Mound City, Mo.; Hugh McGinnis and wife; Thomas Harten and wife.

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