Weddings from the 1898 Skidmore Standard

In 1898, Skidmore, Missouri was represented by a weekly newspaper that regularly boosted the town, chastised its merchants for not advertising enough, and reported all the important news of the day, including who was visiting whom.

Earlier, we brought you news of the wedding of Haynes and Albright.  In today’s installment, we offer some items from the 1898 Skidmore Standard announcing several weddings, one anniversary, and one wish for a wedding:

Al Bender wishes the public to know, especially all marriageable ladies, that he is on the market.  After a half century’s struggle to make a living he decided a helpmate would be a pretty good thing. – Skidmore Standard, September 2, 1898, vol. 4, issue 19, page 5.

Lon Tarpley and Ettie Nunnelley were married at Linkville, Platt Co., on Wednesday, August 31.  On Tuesday a reception was given at Wm. Tarpley’s.  No one was present except relatives.  The writer wishes for the young couple a long and happy life.
Skidmore Standard, September 9, 1898, vol. 4, issue 20, page 5.

News comes to us just as we go to press, of the marriage of Jesse Hess and Miss Mabel LaTourette in San Louis Valley, Colo.
Skidmore Standard, September 16, 1898, vol. 4, issue 21, page 1.

We notice in the Oregon correspondent to the St. Joseph Daily News under date of Oct. 1st, the following item: Married, in the parlor of the hotel Woodland, J. F. Sweet of Skidmore and Miss Nellie King of Maitland, Rev. Henry Sawyers officiating.
Skidmore Standard, October 7, 1898, vol. 4, issue 24, page 1.

News was received here late last week that our old friend James Barrett has taken unto himself a wife in the person of Miss McKelvy of Pennsylvania.
Skidmore Standard, October 7, 1898, vol. 4, issue 24, page 5.

Last week we made mention of James Barrett’s marriage to Miss McKelvy of Pennsylvania.  Monday morning Mr. Barrett arrived home with his lady, and they were driven to his home west of town.  His marriage was quite a surprise to his many friends here, but he probably realized the force of the divine saying that it is not good for man to live alone.  We congratulate him on his choice as Mrs. Barrett is a most estimable lady and very pleasing in appearance.  His great popularity in this community was demonstrated by the grand charivari which was given him Monday night.  The STANDARD extends best wishes.
Skidmore Standard, October 14, 1898, vol. 4, issue 25, page 1.

Fred E. Bryant the bright young publisher of Burlington Junction Post was married to Miss Frances I. Mowry, of Graham, Oct. 10.  The Standard extends congratulations.
Skidmore Standard, October 28, 1898, vol. 4, issue 27, page 1.

Marriage – Lydia E. Parrish, daughter of J. V. Parrish and George Manchester, clerk with Sewell & Co.
Skidmore Standard, November 4, 1898, vol. 4, issue 28, page 1.

Married, at the residence of S. M. Stout, the bride’s father in Oregon, Mo., Oct. 18, 1998, Mr. Joshua B. Griffin of Craig, and Miss Lucy Stout.  Rev. Henry Brampton, officiating. – Sentinel
Skidmore Standard, November 4, 1898, vol. 4, issue 28, page 8.

Joel – Ford.  Once again the impressive words are said and two hearts are joined together for better or worse, for weal or woe.  On Thursday, Nov. 15, Mr. W. R. Joel of near Skidmore, and Miss Jennie Ford of Maryville were united in marriage at the bride’s home in that city.  The young couple went to housekeeping immediately on Mr. Joel’s farm, southwest of town.  The STANDARD congratulates.
Skidmore Standard, November 18, 1898, vol. 4, issue 30, page 4.

Married: Mr. William Joel to Miss Jennie Ford, at Maryville, Tuesday, November 15.  They are moving onto their new farm lately purchased of J. W. Hutchison.  We welcome them to the Valley and wish for them a long and happy life.
Skidmore Standard, November 18, 1898, vol. 4, issue 30, page 5.

Miller – McClain.  Squire Hasty’s services as a knot-tier were again brought into requisition, Sunday.  Mr. Meek Miller and Mrs. Susan C. McClain were united in the holy bonds of marriage.  The contracting parties are good, worthy people, and are well known.  The STANDARD wishes them success and happiness.
Skidmore Standard, November 18, 1898, vol. 4, issue 31, page 4.

Mr. Dave H. Knepper of Waukomis, Oklahoma, and Miss Della Kennedy of this city, will be married in the M. E. church of Maitland, Tuesday, December 15, at 5:45 a.m. – Maitland Herald
Skidmore Standard, December 9, 1898, vol. 4, issue 33, page 4.

Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Samuel Walker and wife, on Sunday, December 4, 1898, by Rev. Bieber, Chester Wood of Skidmore to Fanny Walker. – Maryville Republican.
Skidmore Standard, December 9, 1898, vol. 4, issue 33, page 5.

We clip the following from the Fort Scott Monitor as the bridegroom at one time lived in Skidmore and is remembered by many of our readers:  “At the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hesser, on East Side, Mr. J. A. McClain and Miss Maud Hesser were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at 6 o’clock on Sunday evening.  The wedding was a quiet one, only the family and immediate friends being present.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Kingston.  The happy couple were the recipients of many useful and ornamental presents.  Mr. McClain is a young man who has a promising future before him.  He is at present at the head of the job department in this office and being a straightforward and energetic young man he is well liked by his employers.  The bride is the eldest daughter of Mayor Hesser and one of the popular young ladies of the East Side.  Being a graduate of the Fort Scott High school she has good literary attainments, and is a woman whose refined manners and pleasing disposition has gained her many friends.  Mr. and Mrs. McClain have furnished a neat little cottage on East Wall St. where they will make their home.  The young couple have the best wishes of the community.
Skidmore Standard, December 30, vol. 4, issue 36, page 8.

A Tin Wedding.  On Tuesday, in response to invitations, a large number of relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Quincy Gilmore gathered at their home, four miles southeast of Skidmore.  The occasion being their tenth wedding anniversary.  By noon the guests had all arrived and a general good time ensued.  At 2 p.m., dinner was announced, dinner in the fullest sense of the word.  Viands appetizingly prepared and daintily arranged on snowy linen.  It was indeed the perfection of good cooking and four tablefulls of hungry guests did it full justice.  Among those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. L. Hendricks, of Maitland, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Shepard, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckart and Miss Nan Milton, of Skidmore, besides other near friends and neighbors too numerous to mention.  Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore were the recipients of a number of pretty and useful presents.   The gathering was an occasion long to be remembered. – One Who Was There.
Skidmore Standard, December 16, 1898, vol. 4, issue 34, page 4.

Wedded.  Marion Patton and Miss Florance Jones were joined in holy wedlock on Thursday of last week by Rev. Cressap, in Maryville.  Both of the contracting parties are well known in and around Skidmore, and are highly esteemed.  Mr. Patton is a farmer and has taken charge of W. R. Linville’s farm 4 1/2 miles east of town.  The Standard wishes them success in life’s battle.
Skidmore Standard, August 26, 1898, vol. 4, issue 18, page 1.

We are glad to chronicle that our friend Marion Patton took unto himself a better half.  We extend our congratulations and wish for them a happy and prosperous life.
Skidmore Standard, September 2, 1898, vol. 4, issue 19, page 5.

United in Wedlock.  Alfred A. Gill and Miss Martha M. Parrish were united in marriage at the residence of Eld. N. Rollo Davis in Maryville, Tuesday, September 27, 1898, Elder Davis officiating.  The affair was a very quiet one.  The two young people drove to Maryville in the morning, were married and returned to the bride’s home at her father’s, J. V. Parrish, in this city, in the evening, where they ate the wedding supper.  At an early hour, as is customary on such occasions, they were given the old time-honored charivari by the tin pan brigade.  A little later in the evening they were given a serenade by the Mandolin Club.  By way of showing their appreciation, the newly wedded couple appeared in their wedding costumes and invited the boys into the parlor where they were served with pie and cake, in a most charming manner by the bride.  Mr. Gill took his wife to his farm, 8 miles northeast of here, Wednesday morning, where they will reside in the future.  The Standard joins their many friends in wishing them success and happiness.
Skidmore Standard, September 30, 1898, vol. 4, issue 23, page 1.

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