We can help you with breakfast

Ad for breakfast at the Skidmore Market. Text of ad is in post.
Skidmore Market can help the average housewife with breakfast, February 1916.

Trouble deciding what’s for breakfast?  Don’t feel bad.  According to F. S. Albright, proprietor of the Skidmore Market, the average housewife in 1916 had the same trouble.  Never fear – the Little Store With The Big Business was ready to help.  From the February 17, 1916 edition of the Skidmore News:

Breakfast is the hard meal for the average house-wife; not so, if the appetite is put just right by a cup of steaming coffee made from any one of our choice lines.  We can help you with this meal.

Our lines — steel cut.

Old Master 40c, Bumble Bee 35c, Red Wolf 30c, Acropolis 40c, Avon Club 35c, San Marto 30c, Pilot 25c, Morning Glory 30c, Peaberry 25c.  In the Berry.  We do not buy our coffee exclusively of one house we have the pick of the large lines of Nave McCord, Ridenour Baker, M. E. Fisher, The Bour Co.

5 Cents Per Pound Off.  For your benefit and to get you to buying coffee where the best is sold, we offer for one week only, commencing Saturday, February 19, 5c per pound off on the above brands.

Skidmore Market.  F. S. Albright, Proprietor.  “Little Store With The Big Business.”

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