Waxed Floor Influences A Hot Game of Basket Ball, 1909

Sports made the front page of the March 11, 1909 Skidmore New Era when Quitman went on the road.

Quitman vs. Blanchard.

A hot game of basket ball was pulled off at Blanchard, Iowa, Friday evening between the first teams of Quitman, Mo., and Blanchard, Iowa, resulting in a defeat for Quitman by a score of 53 to 20.

Although there was a great difference in the number of points scored by the two teams, it does not signify that it was caused by poor playing on the part of the visitors (Quitman) for such was not the case. While the Blanchard team did out play and out point the Quitman boys to some degree, the chief cause of the defeat was the extremely smooth waxed floor to which the Blanchard team was thoroughly accustomed and on which the Quitman boys were unable to keep their feet or make progress. There was not a minute during the game that the Blanchard team didn’t have the game won, and although the Quitman boys made a big gain in the last half, they were unable to overcome the lead obtained by their opponents before they became more acquainted to the floor.

The visitors were much impressed by the gentlemanly and ladylike conduct of the large and enthusiastic audience that witnessed the game and who were loud in their praise of the clean and gentlemanly playing of the Quitman team.

R. A. Walker acted as referee and was highly complimented by both teams and audience, for his fair and impartial decisions and elimination of rough playing.

The lineup was as follows:

Copeland f.
Smith f.
Bullock c.
Hutchison g.
Hensley g.

Jackson f.
Wright f.
Young c.
Weddle g.
Johnson g.

F. Hutchison, umpire
R. A. Walker, referee.

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