Watermelon Mart

If you wanted to see your name appear in the newspaper, you could guarantee that moment of fame by renewing your subscription, calling at the newspaper office and making a pleasant visit, or, better yet, bringing the newspapermen some food.  Although Mart Carden’s reputation as a championship grower of watermelon was well established, Mrs. Carden’s gift to the printers brought that to the front page of the September 12, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

Mart Carden and his wife are great friends of country news paper boys and preachers.  They have successfully raised watermelons every season for so long that Mr. Carden is coming to be known, locally, as “Watermelon Mart.”  He remembers the Standard force frequently, and between times Mrs. Carden drives up to the door of our sanctum and hands out a nice melon; so we fare bounteously, and feel sorry for all the other print shop fellows who live some place else.  These remarks were prefaced by a good melon which Mrs. Carden presented us Wednesday afternoon.


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