Watch for Storms

We bring you this advice from the June 5, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1.  Count us proudly among the “timid ones” who are wise enough to seek shelter.  We hope you are, too.

Watch for Storms

Now is the time of year when a cloud coming up from the southwest, especially if it is rolling and tossing about, will start all timid ones fleeing for the cyclone cellar.  And, sometimes, those who are constituted naturally timid fall a prey to the storm scare and are, indeed, the worst of the lot.  We are by no means condemning these, though, for we are all expected to do all in our power to preserve the life which has been given us.  We know it is quite humiliating to be guyed and made sport of the next morning, after having spent one half of a night in a damp cellar nodding and being, in all, very uncomfortable, and then to have nothing worse than a heavy rain mixed with a little wind.

But where those that have been cautious would come out ahead would be a case like our neighboring city, Elmo, and the numerous storms that have swept the country.  We know that one who has been so lucky as to have escaped all scenes of cyclones and wind storms, has a tendency to become careless but no one knows when it is their turn to experience such a disaster.  It is better to go to the cellar many times for no reason than to be caught above the ground with your loved ones around you and instantly hurried into eternity.  Heads of families should feel their responsibility to their dear ones and be very close observers of the clouds in this, the season of cyclones.

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