Walter Baldwin Murdered, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), July 21, 1921, page 1:

Former Skidmore Man Killed.
Walter Baldwin Murdered at Council Bluffs, Ia., Early Friday Morning.

Walter Baldwin, a former resident of Skidmore, was shot and killed at Council Bluffs, Ia., early Friday morning.
Baldwin would have been 44 years of age on the 24th day of August. He spent much of his youth and early manhood here, and was well known in and around Skidmore. He made his home for a number of years with his aunt, Mrs. Wm. Bodle, here.

About 15 years ago, Baldwin left Skidmore, and since that time had made his home at Council Bluffs. He had been a driver of a mail wagon for a number of years, and was shot from ambush in a dark and unfrequented street while hauling mail from the Union Pacific transfer to the Council Bluffs post office.

Wm. Bodle and son, Elgy, drove to Council Bluffs Saturday night and consulted with Postal Inspector C. H. Glenn, who has charge of the federal agents working on the case. Mr. Bodle also talked with a banker of Council Bluffs, a former employer of Baldwin, who stated that Baldwin’s conduct since he had lived there had been good, and that he was honest and a good worker.

Mr. Bodle feels certain that the murderer will be located. Various reports have been circulated concerning developments in the case, but up to the time of going to press, relatives have not had any official report.
Baldwin was armed, but apparently never had a chance to defend himself. The bullet passed through his head, and he died a few hours later without regaining consciousness.

Baldwin was a nephew of James and Jeff Skidmore, Mrs. Wm. Bodle, and Mrs. Mariah Bender, all of Skidmore.

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