Vernon Goatcher Returns

A report of a rescue, published in the April 4, 1918 Skidmore News:

Vernon Goatcher Here

Ledford Goatcher received word, recently, that one of his boys, who had been turned over to the orphans home in St. Louis at the demise of the first Mrs. Goatcher, and had, by the home management, been given into the care of a resident of Foley, Missouri, was being mistreated by his foster parent, and he immediately left to find if the report was true.  On arriving at Foley he found that the information that had come to him was correct.

From Foley, Mr. Goatcher went to the management of the home at St. Louis and laid the matter before them and asked that the boy be returned to his care.

The home management took the boy from the foster parent and turned him over to his father who brought him home with him, so Vernon Goatcher is again a resident of Skidmore.

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