Unnecessary Telephone Calls

It can be hard for our cell phone generation to fathom a world in which telephone calls involved a lot more than speed dial and text messages were things you wrote on paper and put in the mail.  As this article from the December 12, 1918 Skidmore News reminds us, things were not always so simple.  The influenza epidemic was taking its toll on the community, and it was wreaking havoc with the phone system, too.   Before computer viruses plagued our systems, other viruses put stress on our communication infrastructure.

This Means You

It means that all visiting and unnecessary telephone calls must be abandoned, or else the central office will be closed at Skidmore.  The only well operator they have had, Miss Olive Earley, was taken sick Wednesday, and now it is almost next to impossible to run the office.  If you want to ride five, six or ten miles after a doctor, just keep making unnecessary calls and the office will be closed.  This needs no more explanation, it is plain facts.

You may not realize what a plight the company is in, but it is bad enough and if you can walk five or six blocks or even a mile to transact what you have to do, it will be better than closing the office entirely.

Mound City at present will only answer doctor calls, Maitland is almost in the same condition, so remember this and help the company all you can.

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