Union Star Ends the School Year with Moving Pictures, 1921

From the June 9, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Community Meeting at Union Star.
A Community Meeting was held at the Union Star school east of town Tuesday evening, May 31. Following a program by the pupils, prizes were awarded for head marks in spelling, and for not being tardy. Those winning prizes were: for head marks: Marie Imboden, Miriam Caywood, Lucille Caywood; for not being tardy: Oren Linville, Harlen DeWitt, Robert DeWitt, Logan Linville, Eddie Smith, Earl Edwards, Elmer Edwards, Bertha Mae Linville and Martha Pfeiffer.

After the prizes were awarded, R. P. Hosmer, president of the Maryville Chamber of Commerce, made a short talk explaining the moving pictures which followed. The pictures were all of Nodaway county livestock, roads, homes, etc. They were shown in the open air at the east side of the school house, making it possible for all to see. After the pictures were shown, ice cream was served, the money taken in to be used for the benefit of the school.

Union Star is one of the schools in the Skidmore consolidation. Vitalized Agriculture was introduced into this school the past year, and besides the work done in regular class periods many things useful around the home were made by the class, which consisted of Harlen DeWitt, Lucille Caywood, Bertha Mae Linville, Helen Goslee and Warren Caywood. Some of the articles made were: knife rack, spool racks, towel racks, flower pedestals, magazine stands, tally-boards, kitchen doilies, tool boxes, nail boxes, folding ironing boards, book racks, a pointer, a chalk box stand and combination chalk and eraser box.

An all day basket dinner was held on the school grounds Wednesday, June 1, which was the last day of school.

Miss Maye Sturm, the teacher, has been re-employed for another year with an increase in salary.

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