Two Cars Collide – Nobody Hurt, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), October 6, 1921, page 1:

Two Cars Collide — Nobody Hurt.

A Studebaker car driven by George Coler collided with a Haynes driven by Fred Diss Sunday evening between here and Maryville. Both cars were badly damaged, but none of the occupants injured. The particulars as published in Monday’s Democrat Forum are as follows:

Two cars were badly damaged, one of them going over a ten-foot embankment, in an accident which occurred about 8 o’clock last night on the west road from Maryville. All the occupants of the cars escaped uninjured.
Fred Diss, driving a heavy Haynes touring car, was bringing Harvey L. Haines home from Sabetha, Kan., where he had spent the day with his parents. Seeing another car approaching, they stopped near a bridge in front of the Emmett Scott place. The other car, a Studebaker driven by George Coler, crossed the bridge safely, but swerved to the left and struck the left front wheel of the Diss car. The force of the collision tore off the heavy bumper, bent an axle and the fender and damaged the steering gear. The left from wheel of the Coler car was torn off, but the car continued on past the Haynes, turned abruptly to the left and plunged over the embankment. Mrs. Coler was the only other occupant of the car. Neither received a scratch.

The damage to each car was between $75 and $100.

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