Town Well

The Skidmore Standard team watched the efforts of the Skidmore Improvement Association with keen interest and often supported the group’s ideas, as we see in this report from the June 15, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Shall We Have a Town Well?

Citizens have long recognized the need of a town well in Skidmore, a place where the farmers and patrons of the town may conveniently water their thirsty animals, and an effort is now being made to get one. The Skidmore Improvement Association has in its treasury about thirty dollars and the ladies are willing to contribute it toward furthering the enterprise.

Mr. Maddern, a representative of the U.S. Water and Steam Co., of Kansas City, was in Skidmore the fore part of the week looking over the ground and figuring what the cost would be for a wind mill, tank and watering trough. Mr. Adrian Pinkston has magnanimously offered his well for the purpose. The only cost to the town would be for the wind mill, tank and trough, which can be procured complete for the sum of $150. So it is up to the citizens now as to whether or not Skidmore shall have the well. The remaining $120 will have to be raised by personal subscriptions. H. W. Montgomery and W. R. Linville are circulating papers; if the business men subscribe liberally the enterprise is assured.

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