Town Well, 1901

The editor of the Skidmore Standard once again took it upon himself to “help” the ladies of the Skidmore Improvement Association by publishing his criticism of their efforts in the paper. From the August 9, 1901 edition, page 1:

A Town Well.

Again the subject of “a town well” is being discussed by a large number of our citizens and business men.

That we are greatly in need of a public well is admitted by all. The ladies of the Improvement Association, deceased, have in their possession about $70 which they positively decline to use for any thing but a town well, and we believe if they hold firm enough grip on the string to this sack of dollars they will be successful and the city of Skidmore will, after so long a time, have a public well.

Some time ago a committee was appointed for the purpose of seeing to this matter, but from some cause or other they have been very deficient in their report – probably caused from hot weather – and until the last few days nothing had been done. The committee seems to have again come to a standstill as they can not determine where to place the well.

We would suggest that the well be built in the ground some place in the business part of town where it would be the most convenient to the business portion of our city. Then if each business man would supply himself with, say, fifty feet of hose so that in case of fire the hose could be fastened together and reach any building in the fire limits that the fire might be located.

The well can be put in at a cost of not more than $100 and it does seem strange, when we have the money on hand, that we are minus a public well.

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