Town Basket Ball Team, 1921

Sporting news from the November 24, 1912 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1, of course:

Organize Basket Ball Team.
Town Boys May Play Friday Night on Local Court.
A town basket ball team has been talked of for some time, and a good many of the boys have been showing a considerable amount of interest in the idea. Tuesday evening a number of them met at the apple house for practice, and it was practically decided that a team will be organized within the next few days.

The practice demonstrated that there is material here for a good team, and the boys are hoping to be able to schedule a game for Friday night. They thought they had a game with Maitland, to be played on the local court but Maitland already had a game with Oregon. Efforts are being made to secure a game with Burlington Junction for Friday night.

Sure enough, the team had a game, but the early results were a bit disappointing, as we see in the December 1, 1921 Skidmore News (also page 1):

Town Team Lost Their First Game.
Legion Boys From Burlington Junction Won From Local Team By Two Points.

The town basket ball team was defeated on the local court Friday evening, by the score of 21-19.

The local boys had not practiced, and of course were not prepared for a game. However, the visitors only won on fouls. The score sheet has been lost, but it is probably safe to say that the Burlington Junction boys did not score more than five field goals, the remainder of their 21 points being made on free throws.

The game was rather fast, and the last few minutes it was more or less “furious.” The referee, one of the high school boys from Burlington Junction, apparently was unable to keep up with the game during the last half and the playing became entirely too rough for basket ball.

Altogether, the game was considerable better than the majority of the spectators had expected. The local boys met Tuesday night for practice, and they will practice again tonight.

No more games have been matched, but the team is practicing and a game may be played next week.

The line up Friday night was as follows: Forwards, Lansing Reese, Delavan Robbins, Ralston McClain (relieved Robbins); Center, Elza King; Guards — first half, Adrian Taylor, Gilbert Lewis; second half — W. F. Barber, Milt Barrett, Adrian Taylor (relieved Barber).
A meeting was held the first of the week and the team was organized as follows: Elza King, captain; Delavan Robbins, assistant captain and business manager; Gilbert Lewis, secretary-treasurer.

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