The Waters Are Indeed Wonderful

Many Skidmore citizens escaped the summer heat when they could, visiting the mountains or relatives to the north and west. Some left to seek cures for various ailments. James R. Smith reported potential progress from El Dorado Springs in the August 11, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

At the Springs

The following letter is from James R. Smith, of Hughes, who is seeking health in the curative properties of the waters of Eldorado Springs. This is his third visit to the springs and the Standard joins his friends in wishing that his fondest hopes may be realized.

Eldorado Springs, Mo., August 8th, 1899. – Skidmore Standard.
Mr. Editor:
I find it very lonesome here at the Springs without the weekly visits of the Standard and would be pleased if you would send it to me as above. The weather has been very warm here, consequently hard on me but we had a good rain Saturday evening which cooled the atmosphere and makes it more pleasant which is very much appreciated by myself as well as others. I feel some stronger than when I came but have not been here long enough to make much of a change. There are a great many people here now from all parts of the country and to hear old residents tell of the wonderful cures that have been made by using the waters is astonishing. But one can see the invalids suffering from rheumatism carried to their bath houses on their cots and helped to take their bath and hear them tell of the relief or benefit they are receiving and we cannot help thinking that the waters are indeed wonderful. With best regards for the Standard and all inquiring friends I remain
Yours respectfully,
James R. Smith.

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