The Second Reunion of the Linvilles

We’re sure they had a wonderful time. Some Linville family news from the October 19, 1911 Skidmore New Era, page 8:

Second Linville Family Reunion a Big Success

The second annual reunion of the Linville family, which was held at the historic old church at Goodwill, six miles north of Kernersville, North Carolina on Saturday, October 7, was by far the most happy and largely attended gathering yet held by them. The crowd began to gather early and continued after the clouds of early morning had blown away, until the number was estimated at 1,500. Of this number fully 500 were Linvilles, and as many more direct descendants, and others more distant relatives and friends. After the photographer, Mr. Rochelle, of High Point, N. C., had gotten them quiet enough to get a good snap shot, all that could went into the church at quickstep to the music furnished by the Kernersville brass band, where the special program and exercises were carried out.

Program. Song by congregation, “Nearer My God To Thee.” Prayer, by Rev. W. H. Wilson of Madison, N. C. Address of Welcome, by Ed. M. Linville of Kernersville. Song by the Linville quartet, Ad. and Arthur Linville and wives. Historical biography of the Linville family, by A. Y. Linville of Winston Salem, N. C. Significance of Family Reunions and effect by Rev. W. H. Wilson. Song, “Come Unto Me,” by mixed quartet. Characteristics of Linville family, Motive Spirit of Reunions, by Revs. Byrum and Lowdermilk, of Kernersville. Responses were also given by Mr. T. Ballard Linville, of Louisville, Kentucky and Mr. J. W. Webster of Manilla, Indiana.

After this the crowd proceeded to the grove, where 260 feet of table had been prepared and loaded with all the tempting and daintily prepared foods, lavishly spread, which was thoroughly convincing evidence that the handwork of the wives and daughters were equal to the occasion. After a song of welcome and invocation by Rev. Mr. Wilson, dinner was eaten and jokes were freely and continually enjoyed for an hour or more, until all were filled to their utmost capacity and complete satisfaction.

After a dinner a business session was held and by a unanimous vote it was decided a happy success and to be repeated the first Saturday in October next year 1912 and also all the old officers and committees were re-elected for another term.

The obituary committee reported seven deaths since last year. Rev. David C. Linville of Martins Ferry, Ohio, Misses Jerusha, Martha Ann and Bettie Whicker Frazier, all three sisters dying in thirty-two days of each other; aged 70, 73 and 78 years respectively. Mrs. Rosa, wife of Hanes Linville of King, N. C. and Miss Elizabeth Neal of Bellews Creek and Robert Linville of Maitland, Mo.

Good Will church has been selected as the annual meeting place as it is in the midst of the original Linville settlements. The most authentic data obtainable shows that the Linvilles who originally settled along the waters of the Belews Creek, were from Virginia.

Those of the family who came from Virginia had not sojourned there long for they themselves were from Pennsylvania. Three brothers, Benjamin, William and Solomon, of Welch decent, came to America with William Penn on his second voyage in the year 1609 and settled in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. Shortly afterward the former two investigated the Shenandoah Valley and as a consequence William eventually returned to Rockingham county and settled there, while Benjamin continued to live in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. The descendants of them are yet to be found in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern and Central Ohio and in numerous portions of the Middle and Far West.

Solomon was a craftsman by trade and while plying on the Susquehanna river he was lost to his brothers and eventually drifted into Virginia and his descendants finally settled on the head waters of Belews Creek North Carolina and to the descendants of the other two Linville brothers they are known as the “lost tribe of Solomon.”

I have wrote this little sketch of the Linville tribe for the benefit of my friend W. R. Linville and the Linvilles in this part of the country. Bob and I are going to attend the Reunion of the Linvilles in N. C. next year and then we will tell you more about them.

E. S. Hester.

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