The Red Cross Wants Your Moral Support

The December Skidmore News was right – it cannot be done another way.  In December 1918, influenza and winter weather made it difficult to raise funds for the Red Cross in the usual way, through events and door-to-door requests.  As the ad reminds us, America always has and America always will do her part, and like the Skidmore citizens of old, we would not desert the organization that is doing so much for those along the eastern part of our country.  We have the advantages of Web and text message donations in these modern times – won’t you give more than your moral support to the Red Cross this time?  We, too, are humanity loving people, and we are busy, so we’d better do this now.

Ad for the Red Cross, 1918
From the December 19, 1918 Skidmore News, page 5.

Ad reads, “It cannot be done in any other way. The drive for Red Cross memberships in Monroe township commences December 16th and closes December 23. Conditions make it almost impossible to canvass the township as heretofore, so we are going to make this drive a voluntary proposition. We had planned to put a team on every section, and do the work in a short time, but local conditions make this an impossibility at the present time. Monroe always has and Monroe always will do her part. We are not going to, at this hour, desert the Red Cross organization, an organization that has done such wonderful work, and that has so much important work yet to be done, in fact the Red Cross has only commenced to work. The Red Cross wants your moral support this time. This is not a drive for money, but simply a drive to induce humanity loving people to renew their membership with this great organization. One dollar is the price. You can give more, but only one dollar is asked. Now please attend to this today. Don’t wait for solicitors — they will not come. Send or bring your dollar to the undersigned, and thus again identify yourself with the one important organization that does its work in peace as well as in war. You are busy — but do this now. F. H. Barrett, Chairman. Take out a membership for each member of your family.”

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