The New Year

We join the Skidmore New Era in extending our best wishes for a happy, prosperous, and peaceful new year.

From page one of the December 26, 1912 New Era:

The New Year

Next week we enter on a New Year.  We ought to begin it with new resolutions, resolving that we will make this year a better year than the one just closed.  Each year, with us, should be a better year than the last one.  We cannot stand still, we must either go forward or we will go backward.  We owe it to ourselves, to our country and to humanity to give to the world the best there is in us, and we can only do this be keeping up our end of the singletree in the great march of progress.

Somebody has said, “The world do move.”  We are in entire accord with the author of that epigram.  We believe the world is growing wiser and better.  We are optimists, first, last and all the time and the world has no sort of use for a pessimist.  The man who is always saying that everything is all wrong and going to the dogs, is a nuisance.  Pass him by and leave him to “stew in his own grease.”  The truth is, life is pretty nearly what we make it; therefore, let us put behind us the little cares and worries that only drag us down and breed disease, and look upward and forward, ever hopeful, ever cheerful, spreading sunshine round about us; doing good to ourselves by doing good to others.


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