The Miracle Man

If this were 1922, I know what we’d all be doing on one Wednesday evening  in May.  We’d be going to see “all that allures in the act of living” – in glorious black and white on the big screen at The Royal.

Ad for "The Miracle Man" at the Royal. Text of ad follows.
Thomas Meigan and Betty Compson star in The Miracle Man. Ad from the May 11, 1922 Skidmore News.

Text of ad reads, “George Loan Tucker’s Production, “The Miracle Man,” with Thomas Meigan and Betty Compson. Wednesday evening, May 17 at 8:30. A photoplay with an amazing soul! All that is fine, all that is sorrowful, all htat allures in the act of living — pictured in vivid scenes that thrill startle or inspire. One screen entertainment you’ll never forget. Come live a life in an hour. One of the screen’s most notable presentations. 15 and 25c. The Royal.”

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