The Jesse Trial

From the October 20, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

No Verdict in the Jesse Trial.

The jury which sat in judgment upon the case of C. G. Jesse failed to return a verdict and was dismissed by Judge Craig, Tuesday evening, after being out ninety hours.  The defense claimed that Jesse had been paying Griffin $20. per month, hush money, while he was in business, and that on the morning of the killing, Griffin had demanded $50. and threatened to publish an article in which Jesse’s daughter’s character would suffer if the money was not paid.  The Maryville Daily Record gave the following as the vote of the jury:

“After the case was given to the jury at 9:20 Friday evening, a ballot was taken, the result being seven for manslaughter, four for murder  in the second degree and one for murder in the first degree.  The vote was as follows:

For manslaughter, Giles R. Davis, Arch Hitchcock, S. E. Miller, B. F. Ashford, James M. Bailey, W. T. Hardin and J. G. Cordell.  For murder in the second degree, Levi Wallace, Simeon Butts, James A. Jobe and W. W. Brown.  Wm. Irwin stood alone for murder in first degree.

At one time the vote stood ten for manslaughter and two for second degree, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Irwin being the two who held out, and of these Mr. Irwin would have changed in order to reach an agreement, but Mr. Wallace held out.

On the final ballot, the vote stood eight to four.  The four were:  Levi Wallace, Wm. Irwin, Simeon Butts and W. W. Brown for murder in the second degree.”

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