The Folks at Home Are Behind You

Skidmore’s citizens and its newspaper always rose to the occasion when the restrictions and forces of war threatened in 1918.  From the July 18 edition:

To Relatives and Friends of the Soldier Boys

We have been sending the News to all the soldier boys that have enlisted from this vicinity, that is to those whose address was furnished us, but we will have to discontinue sending them papers.  Read the notice below and you will see why we can no longer send them the News.  As the regulation took effect July 15, 1918 we can not send them this weeks paper.  So if you want your soldier boy to have this weeks paper you will have to send your own, as we can’t send him one free, nor we can’t give you one to send him unless you pay a nickle for it.  – W. J. Skidmore

This is the notice:

Newspapers Must Economize on Print Paper

Because of an acute shortage in the supply of paper the War Industries Board announced, effective July 15, the following preliminary economies to be enforced by newspapers publishing a daily and weekly edition:

  • Discontinue the acceptance of the return of unsold copies.
  • Discontinue the use of all samples or free promotion copies.
  • Discontinue giving copies to anybody, except for office-working copies or where required by statue law in the case of official advertising.
  • Discontinue giving free copies to advertisers, except not more than one copy each for checking purposes.
  • Discontinue the arbitrary forcing of copies on news dealers (i. e., compelling them to buy more copies than they can legitimately sell in order to hold certain territory).
  • Discontinue the buying back of papers at either wholesale or retail selling price from dealers or agents in order to secure preferential representation.
  • Discontinue the payment of salaries or commissions to agents, dealers, or newsboys for the purpose of securing the equivalent of return privileges.
  • Discontinue all free exchanges.

Later – A paper has been circulated and enough money has been subscribed that all soldier boys will receive the paper as usual.   The people of Skidmore have once more showed their appreciation of the service the boys are rendering.  Stay with it boys, the folks at home are behind you.


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