The Embarrassment Was Great, but the Ice Cream Was Better

The Skidmore News and its predecessors often reported on social events in the area. This account from the July 3, 1919 edition carried a slightly different mood than usual:

Names Withheld

Last Thursday was a real warm day and a few of Skidmore’s people had heard that there would be an ice cream supper at the Union Valley school house that evening and of course to be sociable and for a little outing, they planned to attend.

Well, they went and sure enough there was a crowd there and ice cream and cakes fit to set before a king or queen.

The start from town was not begun until late in the evening, and after arriving at the Valley it was some time before the supper was announced ready to be served and some of the party had a few remarks to make why the delay, etc.

But before the visitors had left and to their good wishes a lady stepped to the automobile, with a very sweet voice and said: “Would you people like to be served now?” and of course they replied: “yes,” “you bet your life” and so on. One of the party thought they might bring it to the automobile, and still another thought something else. Upon arriving at the provided table, and after being asked their preferred flavor of ice cream, the accommodating waitresses served them with great, big dishes of cream and passed the cake quite often, without being refused a single time. “Well, pardon me,” exclaimed a lady. “I made a mistake and gave you a different flavor from what you ordered.” “O, that’s all right, we will take the other next time.” The lady agreed that that was the thing to do and pretty soon she filled the dishes again and this time she gave the same good measure as had been served before.

Now at this time, one of the party thought he would be polite, so he inquired of one of the good ladies — “Where is the cashier?” “O, Mr. ——- this is free, this is just one of the Farmers Union’s ways of having a sociable time.”

Well, now there were no holes in the ground, but had there been any the whole “bunch” would have crawled into them.

These good people out in the neighborhood of the Valley school have an organization called the Farmers Union and as the gentlemen were holding a business meeting that evening, the ladies thought it would be nice for them to go, take ice cream and cakes and enjoy the evening. While the party from town thought they were holding a supper for the purpose of raising funds for some worthy cause.

Just a mistake, but how would you feel under the circumstances?

The ladies doing the serving tried to make the other people feel better by telling them everybody was invited. We hope this is true, but that did not help matters to any great extent at the time.

The embarrassment was great, but the ice cream and cake was better.

Ladies we compliment you on your culinary art, but for goodness sake, say as little as possible about the way the parties looked, as possible.

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