The Best Town

We suppose the editor of the local paper is bound to be a bit biased, but we think that was not an unreasonable stance for W. J. Skidmore to take.  From the April 26, 1901 edition of the Standard:

Nothing Unusual.

A stranger in our city Saturday was heard to ask: “What is going on here today that there are so many people in town?”  When told that it was a common occurrence in Skidmore when the weather is good, he seemed greatly surprised and said that he had been in a large number of towns in this and adjoining states, but had never seen so many people in a town of this size at one time in all his experience.  Had he remained here a day or two longer he would have found out for himself that Skidmore is the best town situated in the best county, in the best state in the United States.

Come to Skidmore if you want to trade, and you will always find the best goods, the lowest prices and receive the best treatment from our merchants and a hearty welcome from all.

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