The Bank of Skidmore, December 1911

Holiday greetings from The Bank of Skidmore. This festive ad comes from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) in its November 30, 1911 edition:

Ad for the Bank of Skidmore (Missouri). Text and description follow.
Ad for the Bank of Skidmore (Missouri) from the Nov. 30, 1911 Skidmore New Era, page 22.

Large ad for The Bank of Skidmore in Skidmore, Missouri in late 1911 features photographs of its five officers and directors: J. F. Kellogg, Director. W. S. Linville, Cashier. W. R. Linville, President. G. F. Kellogg, Assistant Cashier, and Aaron Linville, Vice President. The ad includes the following text: “Five Essential Points. There are several essential requirements in any institution that seeks the patronage of the public. A bank above all institutions must have them. First: The character of all connected with it must be above reproach. Happy is that institution whose officers and directors have these requirements. it means more than simply filling a position credibly. it means that there must be a certain standard of life established by each individual that has guided him all along the way from infancy up, that will not allow him to grow careless of the little things that go to make up life. Second: A Bank must also have capital and there is no better, safe or more confidence inspiring form of capital than land and cattle, horses, hogs and corn. People an see the assets of an institution that have these for a backing and know they cannot disappear in a night. Third: A bank above all other institutions should be a home industry. The officers and directors should be home people and above all, its income and surplus should stay right where it is made. A community has a right to demand this. There is no more injust or suicidal drain on any community than to have its legitimate earnings sent away to help enrich some other community. Fourth: A bank should reflect the growth of a community by its growth. Fifth: Its patrons should be considered as members of one larger family working together for the good of all concerned. You will notice what we have said are simply suggestions as to what we are trying to make The Bank of Skidmore. We have the most profound faith in the brightest of futures for Skidmore and vicinity. Our all, materially, is here. Our hearts are here, also. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For if you are Merry and Happy, we can be too.”

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