That Melon Eating Story, 1908

The Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) set the story straight in its August 27, 1908 edition right on the front page:

That Melon Eating Story.
An article in the Tuesday edition of the Maryville Tribune states that fourteen aged men of this place ate seven big watermelons. The Tribune article also states that the youngest man of the fourteen is 65 years old and the oldest 93.

Upon inquiry the writer is informed that only one 30-cent melon was partaken of by some eight or ten men, and while it is a fact that the oldest man, W. L. Ruddell, is 93 years old, it is found that some who were not named in the Tribune article, but who helped to eat the melon were under sixty years of age.

What the object of the writer of the Tribune article is in saying that seven melons were devoured by this body of men is not known, as all who were interested in this 30-cent melon are very temperate in the eating line and under no circumstances would tax their digestive organs to such an extent.

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