Teachers’ Reading Circle

Those of us who know and appreciate good teachers know how hard they work to keep their skills sharp and prepare good lessons for their students.  That dedication is timeless, as shown in this article from the Skidmore Standard, November 11, 1904, page 1:

Teachers’ Reading Circle

The teachers held their regular reading circle meeting last Saturday afternoon.  Miss Lottie Burk had a number of her primary pupils present and gave a lesson in primary reading.  The boys and girls were much interested in their work and showed excellent training.  The teachers present spoke commendable words in behalf of the recitation, both in the manner of its presentation and in the enthusiasm which the pupils demonstrated in taking hold of the work.

Three chapters of ‘Hinsdale’s Art of Study’ were well discussed.  G. H. Reavis discussed the subject ‘Attacking the Lesson,’ Claude Riley, ‘The Recitation,’ and Miss Edith Collins, ‘Attention.’  The next meeting will be held Saturday, November 19th at 3 p.m.  Teachers are requested to be present promptly at the hour set.  Four chapters of Hinsdale’s Art of Study will be studied.  The discussions of those chapters will be led by Mrs. J. H. Porter, Misses Ida Dyson and Mattie Porter and W. M. Oakerson.

The following teachers were present:  Mrs. J. H. Porter, Misses Mattie Porter, Ethel Painter, Edith Collins, Ida Dyson, Lottie Burk, and Claude Riley, G. H. Reavis and W. M. Oakerson.

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