Surprise Thanksgiving Dinner, 1913

May all your surprises be welcome and delicious ones on this Thanksgiving day. Here’s some inspiration from the December 4, 1913 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Surprise Dinner Party.

On Thanksgiving day a number of friends and neighbors assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Martin and gave them a complete surprise. Each guest was armed with a well filled basket — and such a dinner! Truly, the kings might reasonably have been envious. mr. and Mrs. Martin were assisted in entertaining by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Martin and by their accomplished, vivacious granddaughter, Miss Myrtle Brown, whom everyone concedes to be the sweetest of all sweet girls. Late in the afternoon the company dispersed all declaring themselves highly entertained.

Those present were Messrs. and Mesdames M. L. Carden, Clarence Sharp, J. W. Linville, Elmer Owens, Lloyd Martin, William Martin, Mrs. J. S. Carden, Misses Nannie Dougherty, Myrtle Brown, Neva Carden, Eva Mae Sharp, Messrs. Robert Lee, Roy Owens, Everett Bradshaw, Clifton Carden and Tom Martin. — One Who Was There.

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