Sunday School Teachers Entertain, 1908

From the September 3, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Teachers Entertain Their Classes.
The Sunday School parlors of the M. E. Church were the scene of a very festive occasion Monday evening, when the members of the Sunday School classes three and four gathered to have a good time as the guests of their teachers, Mrs. Henry Barrett and T. L. Howden.

The weather was rather inclement but happily did not prevent about seventy-five young people from gathering at the church.

After the crowd had gathered, the superintendent, G. L. Owen, took charge and the following program was rendered: First, overture by Miss Oma Jeffers, then class number 3 was represented by the teacher, Mr. Howden, who not only proved that class number 3 was above reproach, but also established for himself an undying reputation as a wit and poet. In response, Miss Lola Brown gave a very interesting talk on the possibilities of the class. Misses Ona Wade and Jaunita Owens then rendered a very pretty vocal duet, after which Mrs. Henry Barrett, teacher of class number 4, proved to all present that classes 3 and 4 contained the material from which the future of a nation may be built. In response, Harry Barrett gave a very earnest appeal to his classmates to never allow self to stand in the way of their duty to mankind. After Mr. Barrett’s talk, Miss Zula Deffenbaugh sang a very pretty solo. Bert Garnett was then called on to hold up the honors of the evening and in his customary style gave the farewells of the classes to their members who are soon to leave for school and elsewhere.

The prepared program was now closed by an organ and violin duet by Miss Ola Jeffers and Raymond Spahr, but Mr. Owen decided that the departing ones should also be represented so he called on several of them for short talks, all responding. Mr. Garnett here took charge of the gathering and distributed to every one strips of paper cut in fancy shapes, by matching which partners were secured for supper. After supper the balance of the evening was spent in playing games and at a late hour the party adjourned, unanimously agreeing that classes 3 and 4 were at the top notch, and that Mrs. Barrett and Mr. Howden were unsurpassable as entertainers.

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