Stoves, 1908

Although we appreciate the convenience and energy efficiency of our modern furnace, we have to say that it isn’t nearly as pretty as those offered for sale by Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri. Here’s their ad from the October 29, 1908 Skidmore New Era:

Ad is illustrated with drawings of heating and kitchen stoves from 1908. Text of ad follows.
Ad for Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore New Era, October 29, 1908, p. 5.

The ad reads, “Stoves, Stoves Heating Stoves and Ranges. Have you seen them? If not, don’t fail to come in and see them. We are making some special prices on Oak stoves while they last: Acorn Oak, 16 inch, $16.00. White’s Popular, 16 inch, $13.00. Gem Oak, 13 inch, $9.00. Tubular Hot Blast, 13 inch, $9.00. Acorn Oak, 14 inch, $9.00. We also have a complete line of the Famous King Bee, Bucks, Globe and Acorn Hot Blasts. A complete line of Acorn Base Burners. Twenty-five different styles of cook stoves and ranges on our floors. Give us a call! Our prices correspond with the quality. Jordan-Thomas & Co.”

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