Stokes and Son Lunch Goods, 1908

If you need a break from your holiday preparations, hop in your time machine and head back to Skidmore, Missouri in December 1908. There, you could find a variety of tasty options at Stokes & Son’s lunch room. From the December 17, 1908 Skidmore New Era:

Ad for Stokes & Son, Lunch Goods and Confectionery in Skidmore, Missouri in 1908. Text of ad follows.
Ad for Stokes & Son, Lunch Goods and Confectionery of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore New Era, December 17, 1908, p. 2.

Advertisement for Stokes & Son of Skidmore, Missouri in December 1908 reads, “Stokes & Son Lunch Goods and Confectionery. We take pleasure in presenting to your notice a few choice articles which we carry. In the first place, we sell Miller & Son’s Bread of Matiland. The best bread in town; in fact always fresh. We bake our own pies and guarantee the filling to be all right. We carry Loose Wiles Butter Cups, Hickory Nut, Black Walnut, Brazil Nut and Cocoa Nut Flavors, also Fruit Drops of Cherry, Raspberry, Lime and Blackberry shape and flavor. Come in and buy and be convinced of their delicious quality. We also carry ten varieties National Biscuit Company’s College Chocolates. They melt in your mouth. The finest dates; the first of the season. White Almeria Grapes; large and plump. And all candies usually found in a first-class confectionery. Stokes & Son.”

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