Standard Oil Builds Station in Skidmore, 1921

From the March 3, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Standard Oil Company Building Station Here.
Warehouse, Pump House, and Two Large Storage Tanks Being Erected.

The Standard Oil Company has started work on a $4,500 warehouse and storage station here.

The station is located on the east side of the railroad, one block south of the depot. It will consist of a warehouse, a pump house, and two storage tanks, one for gasoline and the other for kerosene.

The warehouse will be twenty by thirty feet, and will provide ample storage space for case and barrel goods. The pump house, seven by nine feet, will be equipped with a two-horse-power gasoline engine and two large pumps. Both buildings will be of the bungalow type, painted gray, trimmed in white, and will be roofed with green asphalt shingles.

The two storage tanks, each with a capacity of 18,000 gallons, will be elevated so as to allow the contents to be drawn out by gravity. The entire property will be enclosed by a wire fence, and will present a very attractive appearance.

Thomas Stuteville of St. Joseph, who has charge of the construction, arrived Tuesday morning, and had lumber and other materials on the ground ready for the carpenters to start work yesterday morning. Mr. Stuteville says if he does not have to wait on materials, the plant will be completed and ready for use in about thirty days. The tanks arrived some time ago, but the engine and pumps have not come yet.

Red Crown gasoline and Perfection oil will be handled. On account of the size of the warehouse, all case and barrel goods will be received in car-load shipments, and Skidmore will be supplied with a full line of Standard Oil products, such as are found in any city.

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