Stanberry Owl Shares Wisdom, 1908

Consider the following editorial from the Stanberry Owl, as reprinted in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 6, 1908, page 4:

Big And Little.

There are many things that begin small and get bigger. Others begin big and get smaller.

In the first class are babies, kittens, diseases, taxes, buildings, sins, lies, potatoes, neighborhood quarrels, church fights and many other things. These all begin small and get bigger.

In the second class are anticipations, electric railroads, plum puddings, enthusiasms, good resolutions the first of the year, honeymoons, boastings and flannel underclothes. These, with many other things, begin big and get smaller.

There is also a class of things of which you really cannot tell what they are going to do — grow or shrivel, swell or shrink, increase or diminish. What do you know about them? Simply nothing. They may begin small and get bigger, or begin big and get smaller. Some things start with a whisper and end with a roar of artillery. Others start like a dozen German bands and end like the song of a Canada mosquito. Some start as slow as a snail and finish like an express train. — Stanberry Owl.

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