Spoiler Alert

Long before Dietrich, Scott, and Wayne, we had Farnum, Williams, and Santschi.  If this were 1915, you could attend the epic, nine-reel film, The Spoilers, starring William Farnum as Roy Glenister, the miner, and Kathlyn Williams as saloon entertainer Cherry Malotte.  The two battle Thomas Santschi as the evil McNamara The Political Crook in Nome, Alaska.  It was as different, the paper said, as it could be from the previous week’s movie extravaganza, The Christian.

The Spoilers.  From Rex Beach's Book.  Sat. May 29th.  To be Shown at The Royal in the Afternoon at 2:30 and Evening 8:15.
From the May 27, 1915 Skidmore New Era.

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