Sock Shower for Spahr, 1910

For those of you who are seeking new themes for celebrations, here’s an idea from the old days. We’d really like to know what constituted “plain, fancy, and intermediate” socks in 1910. From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Sock Shower.
A “sock shower” was given to J. C. Spahr Friday evening by his friends of Skidmore in honor of his birthday. Mr. Spahr is — we don’t know how many years old — but doesn’t look it.

Last winter while attending a “postal shower” at the home of Rev. C. H. Sauceman and wife, given in honor of the birthday of Miss Mabel, Mr. Spahr remarked that he wouldn’t mind having a shower himself. Some one asked him what kind of shower he preferred, and he answered a “sock shower,” so his friends remembering this, showered him Friday evening with socks.

There is now no excuse for Mr. Spahr wearing one pair of socks longer than three weeks at any one time, as he can have a change whenever he feels like it.

It was not only a sock shower, but it simply rained socks, socks of every description, size and shape; big socks, little socks, long socks and short socks; socks of every hue and color; black socks, white socks and tan socks; socks that were dotted, spotted, and striped; plain, fancy and intermediate.

He will now have a change for every day in the week, and two pair for Sundays with plenty left over for special occasions. Mr. Spahr was so proud of his new socks that he went to the river Saturday and washed his feet.

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