Skidmore’s Rare Coins, Part 3

Reports of vintage coins prompted Skidmore, Missouri’s residents to check their pockets and piggy banks in 1913. The lucky ones who had such riches in their collections told the Skidmore New Era all about it. Here’s another report — this time from the January 16, 1913 edition, page 1:

Another Ancient Coin
Mrs. J. H. McGrath of Graham has a half dollar, which she has had in her possession for over thirty years. This coin is of the same die as the others but was coined in 1812, or 101 years old.

The rare coin fever seemed to cool in the winter months, but it reappeared in the springtime with the following item (Skidmore New Era, June 19, 1913):

The Widow’s Mite.

Ed Bosley brought two coins to this office this week which his wife has had for some years. One is a copper coin about the size of the five cent piece and the other is a silver coin about the size of the old-fashioned American half-dime, but only half as thick. These coins were given to Mrs. Bosley by a man claiming to be an Egyptian or an Arab she has forgotten which, and he told Mrs. Bosley that the silver piece was “The Widow’s Mite.” As far as we know it “might” be that or it “might” be something else. All that we know that it bears on each side of it is some kind of hieroglyphics that are unreadable to us. The characters on the coins somewhat resemble each other and have the appearance of being stamped by the same country. They are evidently of very ancient date.

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