Skidmore’s Rare Coins, Part 2

In January 1913, Skidmore, Missouri became a bit competitive on the subject of old coins. Here’s the next installment, as reported in the January 9, 1913 edition of the Skidmore New Era:

W. S. Linville says that he has Uncle Joe Parrish “skinned” on his “old half dollar.” He has one which he says will make his coin look like “thirty cents” when it comes to date of issue.

The Linville coin seems to be of the same die as the Parrish half dollar, but bears the date of 1808, or eleven years older than the one owned by Mr. Parrish. Billie says if Uncle Joe has any more rare coins about his old clothes, just trot ’em out, for he has some others that he is saving for him.

The coin has been in the Linville family for over thirty years and was given by W. R. Linville to his grandmother over thirty years ago, who gave it to her grandson, W. S. Linville, a short time before she died. The date of the coin, 1808, one hundred and five years ago, is the birth year of Grandma Linville and she kept it as a souvenir on that account.

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