Skidmore’s Big Day

Skidmore's Big Day! Balloon Ascension at 2 p.m., weather permitting, by Prof. Dan K. Rice. Two Good Ball Games. Morning and afternoon. College Springs vs. Skidmore. Sleight of hand performances and foot races. Everybody come and we will show you that the city of Skidmore is all right. Remember the date. Plan to come. Get busy, do it now.
From the May 18, 1905 Skidmore New Era.

The businessmen of Skidmore had discovered in 1899 that people would come to town for a spectacle, especially when that event involved a balloon ascension.  If 2,000 people came to town for that event, how many more might make the trip if baseball and sleight of hand performances and foot races and plenty of good music were added to the equation.

What better way to show everyone that the City of Skidmore is All Right?

From the May 18, 1905 Skidmore New Era:

Skidmore’s Big Day

The Business Men Invite All to Their Big Day

The business men of this city met last Thursday morning and decided to give the public a day of entertainment, next Saturday, May 20.  The committee on general arrangements have secured the services of Prof. Dan K. Rice the aeronaut who made three successful balloon ascensions at our Punkin Show, last fall.  This gentleman will make an ascension on “The Big Day” at 2 p.m., weather permitting.

Free exhibitions of sleight-of-hand will be given during the day.

The College Springs base ball team will be here to play two games with the Skidmore team.  One game will be played in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Good games can be counted on as College Springs has an extra strong team and Skidmore will be prepared to play extra good ball.

Music will be furnished at frequent intervals during the day and the merchants will do all that is in their power to make Saturday, May 20 a day of pleasure to every man, woman, and every boy and girl who may visit the town on that day.  A cordial invitation is extended to everybody, far and near, to come and enjoy a day of amusement in this, one of the best towns, in the best county, in the best state in the Union.  Come early, that you may not miss a single feature of this, “Skidmore’s Big Day.”

Don’t forget to tell your neighbor to tell his neighbor that will be doing, and all COME.

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