Skidmore Wins Track Meet, 1921

Sporting news from the May 19, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Skidmore Defeats Quitman in Meet
Much Interest Shown in Local Track Meet — Business Houses Closed.

Skidmore defeated Quitman in the track meet held here last Friday by a score of 152-19. A few contestants from Graham were entered, but failed to come. Denton Peoples was the individual point winner, with a record of 29 points. Much interest was shown by the pupils and all business houses were closed during the meet.

The track was in good condition, and the weather was favorable, although it was a little too cool, perhaps, for best results. The wind caused some difficulty, especially in the high jump and pole vault, as the standards were blown down several times.

No extraordinary records were made, but the time on all runs was good, and the contestants showed excellent form on the jumps and the pole vault.

The winners of the various events were as follows:
Class A, 100 yards — Junior Skidmore, 1st; D. Peoples, 2nd; time 11:3.
Class B, 100 yards — V. Barrett, 1st; Elmer Gammon, 2nd.
Class C, 50 yards — Roland Buster, 1st; Bill Hill, 2nd; time 13:3.
Class C, 40 yards, girls — Evelyn Monk, 1st; Idabeth Newlon, 2nd.
Class A, running broad jump — Junior Skidmore, 1st; D. Peoples, 2nd; distance, 17 feet, 3 inches.
Class B, running broad jump — Bailey, 1st; V. Barrett, 2nd; 13 feet, 5 inches.
Class A, standing broad jump — D. Peoples, 1st; D. Sauseman, 2nd; 8 feet 11 inches.
Potato race, girls — Evelyn Monk, 1st; Idabeth Newlon, 2nd.
Potato race, boys — Douglas Linville, 1st; McClain, 2nd.
Three-legged race — B. Linville and Riley, 1st; D. Linville and D. Barrett, 2nd.
Sack race — Bodle, 1st; Northup, 2d.
Hop, step and jump — D. Peoples, 1st; V. Goslee, 2nd; 36 feet, 10 inches.
High jump — D. Peoples, 1st; Goslee, 2nd.
Class A, pole vault — D. Peoples, 1st; V. Goslee, 2nd; 9 feet, 2 inches.
Class B, pole vault — Bailey, 1st; V. Barrett, 2nd.
Class A, 440 yards — Junior Skidmore, 1st; D. Sauceman, 2nd; time, 60.6 seconds.
Discus throw — H. Early, 1st; D. Sauceman, 2nd; 83 feet, 10 inches.
Shot put — H. Early, 1st; D. Peoples, 2nd.
Half mile relay — Skidmore, 1st; Quitman, 2nd; time 1 minute, 17 seconds.
Class B, high jump — H. Monk, 1st; H. Montgomery, 2nd.
Wheelbarrow race — Linville and Buster, 1st; Bailey and Hart, 2nd;
Score — Quitman 19, Skidmore 152, Peoples 29.

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