Skidmore Will Celebrate

Skidmore’s citizens took great pride in their young town, and its businessmen and newspapermen knew the value of entertainment and spectacle as a way to bring people in to town and into the stores.  Combine that knowledge with a chance to show pride in their country, and you have the perfect reason to throw a great big celebration – the best one in the town’s history – to mark the end of the century and the beginning of even better things for the USA and for Skidmore.

The planning began with this report in the May 19, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

A Meeting of Citizens Held and Committees Appointed.
Will Be The Best Celebration In The Town’s History.

Only five or six weeks more and the glorious Fourth with its attending fire crackers and waving banners will be upon us.  It doesn’t seem hardly possible, either, does it?  Such a short time since the grass began to grow, and the winter flannels are still popular. But old father Time has been plodding along in his usual persistent manner and we will have to reconcile ourselves to the fact, nevertheless.

Of course Skidmore will celebrate; she always does, and it has been determined to celebrate in grander style than ever this year.

A meeting of business men was held in J. H. Grigsby’s implement building, Wednesday afternoon.  J. F. Kellogg was elected Chairman, and T. L. Howden, Secretary.  Committees were appointed as follows:

General Arrangements – J. D. Montgomery, A. H. Garnett, E. T. Duval, E. E. Tilton, A. F. Hitchcock.

Soliciting – E. E. Tilton, I. N. Sewell, T. L. Howden.

Grounds – W. J. Skidmore, J. M. French, William Yetter.

Amusements – H. W. Montgomery, James Skidmore, W. R. Linville, Lee Chadduck.

Printing – M. A. Sewell, W. H. Hill, F. N. Campbell.

Music – C. E. Painter, George Manchester, Charlie Hammond, J. H. Grigsby, J. F. Kellogg, John Cook, Mrs. A. Pinkston, Mrs. Frank Strickler, Mrs. T. P. Moorhead, Miss Edith Torrey, Miss Annie Linville.

Securing Band – James Skidmore, W. F. Wade, E. D. French.

Speakers – W. J. Skidmore, J. W. Ware, T. E. Haynes, A. Pinkston.

Fireworks – J. D. Montgomery, G. S. Burris, T. L. Howden, A. H. Garnett, J. F. Kellogg.

Sunrise Salute – James Parrish, George Bramble, Isaac Nowling.

Decoration – Mrs. A. Pinkston, Miss Ella Skidmore, E. T. Duval, M. A. Sewell.

The committee on Decoration is empowered to appoint as many assistants as they may wish.

Stratford Saunders was elected President of the day and W. J. Skidmore, Marshall of the day.

All are bent on making the even a great success and special attractions will be secured to bring a large crowd of country people to town.

There will be good speaking, nice shady grounds, plenty of refreshment stands and everything necessary to an enjoyable day.

There will be another meeting at J. H. Grigsby’s Implement building next Wednesday to further the plans and note the progress of the committees.

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