Skidmore Teams Make Good at Log Rolling, 1908

From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), September 10, 1908, page 1:

Make Good at Log Rolling.
The Skidmore Royal Neighbors and Modern Woodmen covered themselves with glory at the M. W. A. Log Rolling at Mound City last Thursday and Friday. Skidmore and vicinity have good reasons for being very proud of the teams that represented the Skidmore camps at this meeting. Aside from winning prizes amounting to $110, they refreshed the minds of some who may have forgotten that Skidmore is still on the map, and that those who go to make up her population, and the population of the country surrounding, are wide awake and when they enter a contest they go in to win.

The fact that the Royal Neighbors of Skidmore go in to win was indelibly impressed upon the minds of the ladies who compose a certain St. Joseph team who were their opponents Friday in the competitive drill, the tug-of-war and the log rolling contests. In every one of these contests the Skidmore team was the victor, and it is said the members of the St. Joseph team plainly exhibited their chagrin that they should be so badly defeated by a team whose home is in a little town of some six hundred souls. Forty dollars were brought home as trophies of these contests.

Considering the great odds against which the Skidmore Forester team had to face on Friday it did extremely well in bringing home the third prize money, $50, in a competitive drill in which three teams, all composed of salaried men, who have competed for prizes at National meetings and in most were victors. It is especially gratifying to know that Skidmore, an amateur team that had never taken part in a competitive drill should make a score of 76.16, and defeat one of those salaried teams which made a score of 70.40. The team that carried off second money, made a score of 80.20, defeating our boys by only 4.04 points.

All will join in congratulating the boys on the extremely good showing they made and in urging them to stay together, drill diligently and go to the next meeting and bring home first prize. They can do it.

The tug-of-war team did themselves proud by three times defeating opposing teams. The last pull was made after two of Skidmore’s heavy and strong men had started for the train but after thus being weakened, our team won, after a protracted pull, over the opposing team.
The Skidmore Camp also won the prize for most men in line and the Camp came home in the evening with $70 to their credit.

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