Skidmore Roller and Plansifter Mills, 1903

For all your grain needs, see C. H. Otis at the Skidmore Roller and Plansifter Mills. Here’s the ad from the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), February 6, 1903, page 1:

Ad for Skidmore Roller and Plansifter Mills. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore Standard, Feb. 6, 1903, p. 1.

Advertisement reads, “Skidmore Roller and Plansifter Mills. C. H. Otis, Proprietor. Wholesale and retail flour and feed. Buyer and shipper of grain and dealer in coal. Our brands: Best High Grade, Big Five, and Economy. Buy Best High Grade flour, manufactured by C. H. Otis, Skidmore, Missouri. Every sack warranted. Price per sack, $1.00. Plenty of shorts and bran at the mill. Shorts, per cwt – 95 cents. Shorts, per ton lots – $16.00. Bran, per cwt – 80 cents. Bran, per ton lots, $14.00. Always keep on hand all kinds of feed at lowest market price. Bolted meal and graham flour. Feed grinding per cwt, 6 cents. Coal. Plenty of coal on hand for sale. this is the very best coal I can buy.”

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