Skidmore Political Connections, 1908

We know that Skidmore, Missouri has all kinds of connections around the country. Here’s one of the political variety from the November 12, 1908 Skidmore New Era, page 6:

Went to School With James S. Sherman, Vice-President Elect.
G. R. Davis, a citizen of this township, has the distinction of having been a schoolmate and classmate in the Whitestown Seminary of Utica, N.Y., in 1871, with Vice-President Elect James S. Sherman.

Young Sherman, says “Curly,” was a bright young man, but not specially more intelligent than other boys of the school, but even then was noted for his oratory and ready speaking. While his father was wealthy, young Sherman was very pleasant with all his schoolmates, agreeable in his ways and congenial in his manner, which has won for him in his younger years the name of “Sunny Jim.”

Mr. Davis finished the Seminary in Utica, N.Y., in the spring of 1880, leaving there the same year to take charge of a set of books in an elevator on the Wabash road in the southern part of Iowa, at that time owned by his cousin, Fayette Smith, formerly a citizen of this township but before “Curly” got out here Mr. Smith, who was somewhat of a trader, had disposed of his elevator, and that left “Curly” without a job and he came to Monroe township and has been here ever since.

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