Skidmore News Changes Hands, August 1920

With this issue of the Skidmore News, the present editor and proprietor, severs his connection with the paper.

During the eleven months I have owned the paper, the people in general have been my loyal friends, and I shall not forget the many kind deeds and friendly acts you have performed. You have patronized the paper in a manner entirely satisfactory to me and I have no complaint to make. I am indeed thankful for what you have done for me and I hope, as the years roll by, I will be able to return the favors you have so kindly showered upon me.

On Monday, August 16th, I sold the Skidmore News, equipment, subscription list and good will to Messrs. Lewis and Culley.

These young men are not strangers in the newspaper business of Northwest Missouri. Mr. Lewis, or Lewis Bros., have been publishers of the Burlington Junction Post for the past several months and come to the people of Skidmore, well qualified to give you a paper that Skidmore and vicinity is really justified in having. Mr. Culley comes from Kansas City, where he has been connected with a large printing establishment, and he too is well qualified to become a citizen of Skidmore, and to help publish one of the best papers in Northwest Missouri. He is a brother in law of Mr. Lewis.

It will take a few months for them to get acquainted with us, and I trust that we will be with them in all of their just and progressive ideas.

Let’s all join in one big band and give them a hearty welcome. They take possession of the Skidmore News, September 1st, 1920. All accounts for job printing and advertising up until Sept. 1st, are due W. G. Reynolds. The subscription list will be transferred to them as it stands on September 1st.

I am not leaving Skidmore, but as editor and publisher of the Skidmore News, I say good-by and I thank you.
W. G. Reynolds.

Notice to the Public.
The undersigned have bought the plant and good will of the Skidmore News, and will assume the management on September 1. Mr. Reynolds has kindly consented to keep an eye on us for a week or two, and see that we get started off on the right foot, so readers are assured that the fact that the new proprietors are strangers in the community will not affect the quality of the paper, as some times is the case.

The Lewis Bros. are publishers of the Post at Burlington Junction, while Mr. Culley is at present employed by a printing and publishing house in Kansas City. All the members of the firm are experienced in the newspaper work, and will endeavor at all times to keep the News up to its present standard as a live, clean paper, in a live clean town.

Two members of the firm, Messrs. Gilbert Lewis and T. A. Culley will move to Skidmore, and be in active charge of the business.

We solicit the continued support and good will of both business men and subscribers, and promise in return that our first thoughts will be for Skidmore and the territory surrounding. We realize that this policy is a pre-requisite for success in the newspaper business.

Lewis Bros. & Culley.

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