Skidmore, Missouri Letters to Santa, 1908 – Part 1

In 1908, the editor of the Skidmore New Era invited the children of Skidmore, Missouri and surrounding communities to send in their letters to Santa Claus. The paper would print the letters and send each issue on to the Jolly Old Elf in time for Christmas. Here are a few of the letters published in the December 17, 1908 edition:

Dear Santa: Please bring me a drum, a pop gun, horn, automobile and a train. Orville Irvine.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, 1908. Dear Santa: Please bring me a bracelet, a stove, a doll, a tea set and a bed for dollie. Mary Irvine.

Skidmore, Mo., Nov. 30, ’08. Dear Santa: I want a knife, candy and nuts, a watch and some chewing gum. I want a horse and wagon, a wheel barrow and a gun. Yours truly, Alfred Reese.

Skidmore, Mo., Nov. 27, 1908. Dear Santa: I want a doll and a doll-cart too, a stove, a blackboard and a story book too, a rocking chair and a ring. I have the teddy bear yet. Helen Ruth Hall.

Dear Santa Claus; Please bring me a horse named ‘Clyde’ and a watch. Bring me a train, a wagon, lots of candy and nuts and a barrel of apples. Bring anything you see that you think I need. With love, Paul Finey. 1010 S. Costilla St., Colorado Springs, Colo.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 5, 1908. Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write and tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a ring, a bracelet, a book, a locket and chain, a watch, a French harp, a pony and lots of candy and nuts. That is all for this time. Yours Truly, Minnie Willis.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, 08. Dear Santa Claus: I want to write you a few lines to let you know that I live in Skidmore again so you will be sure not to forget me. Please bring me a train that runs on a track, a little automobile, a little barn with some little horses, and a knife. My little brother can play with them too. I would like some candy, banannas and oranges. From your little friend, Cecil Ross.

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