Skidmore Mercantile, the Store for Bargains, 1915

Have you made a resolution to watch your budget? The Skidmore Mercantile Company of Skidmore, Missouri wanted to help in 1915.

Ad for the Skidmore Mercantile at Christmas, 1914. Text follows.
Skidmore New Era, Dec. 31, 1914.

Ad for the Skidmore Mercantile (Skidmore, Missouri), in the December 31, 1914 Skidmore New Era newspaper. The ad reads, “To the people of Skidmore and Vicinity, we wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 1915. May 1915 be the banner year of your life. We feel very grateful to the people of Skidmore and vicinity for their liberal patronage since we have been in their midst. We have enjoyed a splendid business and assure you that every effort will be put forth to give you more goods, better goods, and cheaper goods in 1915 than 1914. January is always the quiet month of the year, and in order to stimulate our business we are going to give various types in pictures, 16×20, such as fruits, fish, etc., with each $2 purchase or over. With a $20 purchase during the month of January only, we will give you, absolutely free, a full life-size photo enlarged, 16×20 inches of yourself or family. The following is what we have to offer you in the grocery line for this week. 18 pounds of sugar, $1.00. 2 pounds best lard, $0.25. 2 pounds California honey, $0.25. 2 pounds peanut butter, $0.25. 50 60 prunes, per pound, $0.10. Best California dried peaches, pound, $0.10. Pink salmon, $0.10. Arcadia peas, $0.10. Two 2 pounds cans apricots, $0.25. One 1 quart jar prepared mustard, $0.10. 50 cent can of K. C. baking powder, $0.39. One 2 pound can pork and bans, $0.10. Two VanCamps pork and beans, $0.15. One 2 pound can Green Gauge plums, $0.15. 3 quarts fresh cranberries, $0.25. Best mixed nuts, pound, $0.20. Best English walnuts, pound, $0.22 1/2. One full quart bluing, $0.10. 3 Aunt Jemima pancake flour, $0.25. 3 packages rolled oats, $0.25. 3 packages any kind spices, $0.25. 8 bars Ben Hur soap, $0.25. Watch our ads closely — you can save money. Remember no credit house can compete with a cash house. Skidmore Mercantile Co., The Store for Bargains.”

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