Skidmore M. E. Churches, 1921

As Skidmore, Missouri prepared to celebrate the state bicentennial, it also had its own birthday in mind. The July 28, 1921 Skidmore News ran an article profiling various town institutions. Here’s what it had to say about the two M. E. Churches in Skidmore:

Picture of Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church, South and profile of the church in 1921. Text of article follows.
Skidmore News, July 28, 1921

Article reads, “M. E. Church, South. The M. E. Church, south, is said to be the oldest church in this community. That is, it is said by some to be the oldest — others say it is no older than the M. E. church. How ever that may be, there are reports of meetings of this denomination at the school houses in this part of the country as early as 1847. At that time there was no organized church here, but the “circuit rider” went from one neighborhood to another with his hymn book and his Bible, and held services. When the town of Skidmore was platted, Marteny Skidmore gave to the M. E. church, south, the lot upon which the present building stands, and a church was erected in 1880. The church built at that time is the one that is in use today, although it has been remodeled since. Rev. H. G. Stewart is the present pastor of the church.”

Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church as it looked in 1906. Large brick building with stained glass windows.
Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church, ca. 1906
Brief profile of Skidmore, Missouri M. E. Church in 1921. Text of item follows.
Skidmore News, Skidmore, MO, July 28, 1921

Article reads, “Methodist Episcopal Church. The Methodist Episcopal church at Skidmore was organized in 1880, with about twenty-three members. The present church building is of brick, and is often designated as ‘the brick church.’ It was erected in 1905 through the efforts of Rev. Welton, who was the pastor at that time, and dedicated in 1906 by Dr. E. B. Lytel, who was then the district superintendent. The building was struck by lightning this spring, and damaged considerably. It has been repaired, however, and all damaged parts have been replaced with more durable material. The belfry, which was originally covered with metal siding, is now finished with stucco. The interior of the building was also redecorated. Rev. C. E. Olson, the pastor, is serving his first year here.”

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