Skidmore Letters to Santa, 1908 – Part 7

The Skidmore New Era invited the children of Skidmore, Missouri and surrounding area to publish their letters to Santa Claus in its December 17, 1908 edition. Here are a few more selections:

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 1.
Santa Claus, North Pole:
Please bring me a sled, a foot ball and a pair of roller skates.
Frank Aldridge.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, 1908.
Dear Santa Claus:
I have been a pretty good boy this year. Please bring me a basket ball. It is cold here today. I would like to see your little boys and have a play with them. Well good bye. Love to Mrs. Santa and the children.
Your friend,
Douglas Haynes.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, 1908.
Dear Old Santa:
Please bring me for Christmas a set of furs, a box of candy, some nice hair ribbons, two gold fish and globe, some books, a box of handkerchiefs and some extra things to give little children who cannot get them. Dear Santa, I have a little brother, don’t forget him. He says he wants a tricycle and a “choo choo train.” Mamma helps me trim a little Christmas tree, and we have little candles on it and you can leave my presents by it.
Your little friend,
Helen Baker.

Lone Tree, Mo., Dec. 3, 1908.
Dear Santa Claus:
Please send me a new dolly and some candy for Christmas. I am seven years old. I go to school, my teachers name is Ira Gilkeson.
Good bye from Helen Bagby.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, ’08.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl nine years old. To prove that I am a good little girl I have gone to Sunday School every Sunday for the past sixteen months. Xmas is coming very soon. I would like for you to please bring me a doll that will close her eyes, a pair of kid shoes for dolly, a couple of nice books, a canary bird in a cage and some nice games. Please don’t forget any of the little girls and boys in Skidmore.
Your little friend,
Bernice Linville.

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